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The Sound has it all. A fantastic fishery, beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife. Our fishing really gets going with the arrival of the stripers in May and are soon followed by doormat fluke. By July the bluefish are plentiful with marauding schools popping up everywhere, these fish seem to get larger every week. September brings with it the big stripers and false albacore. If you can tear yourself away from the bass, blues and albies in October, you will find that the blackfish are hitting well. There are fish to catch here even after it gets too cold to be fun. Together, we will fish some of the most diverse and productive waters found anywhere. Eastern Long Island Sound’s scenic ledges, rips, islands, and shallows are home to incredible numbers of game fish and I will show you how to land them.


Striped Bass Mid June through October

The stripers show up in the beginning of May and stay with us right through November. The season really kicks into high gear in June and peaks in late October. These fish patrol the rocky shores looking for easy meals. Live bait is the way to go and the best time to do it is first and last light.  

If you want a shot at a true trophy sized striper, then big live baits can’t be beat. I use bunker, hickory shad, scup and eels. We may fish in as little as 3 feet of water or as deep as 60 feet. In the last 3 years we have seen 12 bass over 50 pounds in the boat with the largest weighing in at 65 pounds.

False Albacore – September and October

These little torpedo’s are strong. After fighting one of these little guys, you’ll need to rest as you appreciate their sheer beauty. Fast and deceptive is the best way to describe these little tunies. We fish in and around the rips of eastern Long Island Sound in the late summer and fall. They’re aggressive feeders, often clearing the water as they chase the bait to the surface and then back down again. Drifting through the area and casting to the breaking fish is the most affective way to catch them. Rest your arms and prepare for a day of fun and frustration when fishing for the False Albacore.

Bluefish – July through October

Bluefish are abundant around inshore waters from June till late October. Catching sizes range from 4 – 20 pounds. These fish can be seen in massive schools feeding on the surface, and are thus usually taken with top water plugs on spinning outfits. They are notably, pound for pound, one of the best fighting game fish in the world. Light tackle with a 12 pound “chopper” on the end can be exhilarating. If it’s big bluefish you’re looking for Sight casting to large feeding fish on the surface is very common and “gators” are usually caught.